No. 430 Squadron (RCAF): Second World War

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No.430 Squadron (RCAF) was a Canadian fighter squadron that was used for ground attack and tactical reconnaissance missions from 1943 to the end of the war.

On 31 December 1942 the RAF's No.171 Squadron was disbanded after only six months and its Curtiss Tomahawks were passed on to No.430 Squadron.

The Tomahawks were used for training in low level reconnaissance.

The squadron also received the Mustang I, and it was this aircraft it used when it became operational on 26 May 1943. The squadron used its Mustangs for ground attack missions and tactical reconnaissance along the French coast.

The squadron joined 2nd Tactical Air Force when it was formed in the summer of 1943. It was used to fly reconnaissance missions over German positions, radar stations, supply dumps and communications targets in northern France. Its Mustang's performed well at low level, so the squadron also flew low level patrols to try and intercept German fighter-bombers carrying out 'tip and run' attacks on the English south coast.

The squadron moved to France at the end of June 1944, only a few weeks after D-Day. It was used to support the fighting in Normandy and the advance towards the German frontier. By September it had moved to the Low Countries, from where it flew tactical reconnaissance missions over Germany and the occupied Netherlands.

In November 1944 the Spitfire XIV began to replace the Mustang, and the last Mustangs went in January 1945.

After the end of the war the squadron joined the occupation forces in Germany, before being disbanded on 7 August 1945.

January-February 1943: Curtiss Tomahawk IIA
January 1943-January 1945: North American Mustang I
November 1944-August 1945: Supermarine Spitfire XIV

1 January-11 January 1943: Hartfordbridge
11 January-5 July 1943: Dunsfold
5 July-13 August 1943: Gatwick
13 August-15 October 1943: Ashford
15 October 1943-9 February 1944: Gatwick
9-25 February 1944: Clifton
25 February-1 April 1944: Gatwick
1 April-29 June 1944: Odiham
29 June-14 August 1944: B.8 Sommervieu
14 August-1 September 1944: B.21 St. Honorine
1-20 September 1944: B.34 Evreux/ Avrilly
20 September-4 October 1944: B.66 Diest
4 October 1944-7 March 1945: B.78 Eindhoven
7-30 March 1945: B.90 Petit Brogel
30 March-10 April 1945: B.104 Damm
10-28 April 1945: B.108 Rheine
28 April-8 May 1945: B.116 Reinsehlen
8 May-23 July 1945: B.156 Luneburg
23 July-2 August 1945: Warmwell
2-7 August 1945: B.156 Luneburg

Squadron Codes: A (Mustang) K (Spitfire)

- 6 June 1944-: No.39 Reconnaissance Wing, No.38 Group, Second Tactical Air Force



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