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No.423 Squadron (RCAF) was a Canadian squadron that carried out anti-submarine patrols for most of its existence, before briefly becoming a transport unit at the end of the war.

The squadropn was formed on 18 May 1942 at Oban, on the west coast of Scotland. It received its first Short Sunderland in July and began anti-submarine patrols over the Western Approaches.

At the start of November the squadron moved to RAF Lough Erne, which was soon renamed as RAF Castle Archdale. This put it in the unusual situation of being a flying boat squadron that was based inland, in this case on the masssive Lower Lough of Lough Erne. From this base the squadron continued to operate over the Western Approaches, and also flew a number of patrols that crossed the Bay of Biscay, ending at Gibraltar.

On 12 May 1943 a Liberator from No.86 Squadron damaged U-456 with a new homing torpedo. On 13 May a Sunderland from No.423 SQuadron found the damaged submarine on the surface, attacked and forced her to dive. Soon afterwards surface ships from the RCN completed the job, sinking the submarine.

On 31 May 1945 the squadron flew its last anti-submarine patrol. On 25 July it moved to Transport Command, and moved to Bassingbourn in Cambridgeshire where it was to operate the Liberator on the long distance transport routes to the Far East. However the squadron was disbanded on 3 September 1945 after the Japanese surrender reduced the need for transport to the area.

July 1942-September 1944: Short Sunderland II
December 1942-May 1945: Short Sunderland III
August-September 1945: Consolidated Liberator VI and VIII

18 May-3 November 1942: Oban
3 November-8 August 1942: Lough Erne/ Castle Archdale
8 August 1942-3 September 1945: Bassingbourn

Squadron Codes: AB (Sunderland II)

-15 February 1943-: No.15 Group, Coastal Command



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