No. 406 Squadron (RCAF): Second World War

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No.406 Squadron, RCAF, was a Canadian night fighter squadron that was formed in the UK and after an early spell of defensive duties was mainly used as an intruder squadron and for low level sorties over France and later Germany.

The squadron was formed on 10 May 1941, and was the first night fighter squadron within the RCAF. It was equipped with the Bristol Blenheim for training purposes, before converting to the Beaufighter IIF in June-July 1941.

The squadron entered service at Acklington, and was used to defend the north-east of England.

In January 1942 the squadron moved north to Ayr, and began to operate over central Scotland (although a small detachment was based in Yorkshire).

In June 1942 the entire squadron moved to Yorkshire, where it remained until September.

From September-December 1942 the squadron was based in Cornwall. It then moved to Middle Wallop, and took part in a few intruder missions over France.

In March 1943 the squadron moved to RAF Valley on Anglesey, from where it patrolled over the Irish Sea.

In November 1943 the squadron moved back to the South-West, and was used to provide cover for the invasion forces being built up before D-Day.

In April 1944 the first Mosquito VIIIs arrived. These became operational on 29 April, alongside the Beaufighter VIF.

In the period before D-Day the squadron began to fly low level sorties over France and this role continued for the rest of the war.

In August the squadron became to conver fully to the Mosquito, and by the end of the month it had moved onto the Mosquito 30.

In November 1944 the squadron moved east to Manston, from where it few low level operations over Germany.

After the end of the war the squadron moved back to Cornwall, where it disbanded on 31 August 1945.

May-July 1941: Bristol Blenheim I, Blenheim IV
June 1941-June 1942: Bristol Beaufighter IIF
June 1942-August 1944: Bristol Beaufighter VIF
April-August 1944: Mosquito VIII, Mosquito XII
July 1944-August 1945: de Havilland Mosquito 30

10 May 1941-15 January 1941: Acklington
15 January-16 June 1942: Ayr
16 June-4 September 1942: Scorton
4 September-8 December 1942: Predannack
8 December 1942-31 March 1943: Middle Wallop
31 March-16 November 1943: Valley
16 November 1943-14 April 1944: Exeter
14 April-17 September 1944: Winkleigh
17 September-27 November 1944: Colerne
27 November 1944-14 June 1945: Manston
14 June-31 August 1945: Predannack

Squadron Codes: HU

-6 June 1944-: No.10 Group, Air Defence of Great Britain



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