No. 112 Squadron (RCAF): Second World War

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No.112 Squadron, RCAF, was an army co-operation squadron that moved to Britain in the summer of 1940 and was largely engaged in training, before becoming No.2 Squadron, RCAF in December 1940.

No.112 Auxiliary (Army Co-operation) Squadron was part of the pre-war Auxiliary Air Force and had been based in Winnipeg.

The squadron arrived at Liverpool on 29 May 1940, alongside No.1 (Fighter) Squadron, joining No.110 Squadron, which had arrived four months earlier. The squadron was commanded by Squadron Leader W. F. Hanna

The squadron was moved to Old Sarum, the location of the RAF's School of Army Cooperation, where in June it was equipped with the Lysander.

At first the squadron shared the base with No.110 Squadron, RCAF, which was also equipped with the Lysander, but that squadron moved to Odiham on 9 June. Five days later No.112 Squadron also moved, this time to High Post (Salisbury). The squadron spent the rest of 1940 training in army co-operation duties.

On 13 November the squadron moved to Halton (Buckinghamshire)), before on 11 December 1940 moving to Digby, where it became No.2 Squadron, RCAF. This designation didn't last long, and the squadron was re-numbered as No.402 Squadron on 1 March 1941.

May-June 1940: Old Sarum
June-November 1940: High Post
November-December 1940: Halton

June-December 1940: Westland Lysander II

Squadron Codes: -

Army Co-Operation Unit: 1940



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