No. 682 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

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No.682 Squadron was a photographic reconnaissance unit that operated in the western and central Mediterranean during 1943 before moving to Italy where it remained for the rest of the war.

The squadron was formed in February 1943 at Maison Blanche by re-designating No.4 Photographic Reconnaissance Unit. It was equipped with several marks of Spitfire and flew short-range operations to support the armies fighting in Tunisia and longer range missions over Italy. In April the squadron received some Mosquitoes to help with the longer range mission.

As the fighting in Tunisia came to an end the squadron's attentions turned entirely to Italy (operating under the control of the US 3rd Reconnaissance Group before the invasion). A detachment moved to Foggia in October 1943 and the entire squadron followed in December. For the rest of the war the squadron operated in detachments scattered around Italy. As well as supporting the armies fighting in Italy the squadron operated over Yugoslavia and Albania. In March 1944 it was used to support the 5th US Army fighting at Anzio, and in September 1944 a detachment moved to southern France (the squadron having operated over that area since April). This detachment followed the Allied armies north after their invasion of the south of France, eventually ending up at Nancy, where it remained until March 1945 when it returned to Italy.

From then until the end of the war the squadron focuses on supporting the Allied armies in Italy. After the end of the fighting in Italy it was used in the civil war in Greece, and then moved onto survey work before being disbanded in September 1945.

February-December 1943: Supermarine Spitfire IV
February 1943-September 1945: Supermarine Spitfire XI
April-July 1943: de Havilland Mosquito IV and VI
June 1944-September 1945: Supermarine Spitfire XIX

February-June 1943: Maison Blanche
June-December 1943: La Marsa
December 1943-September 1945: San Severo

Squadron Codes: I

1943-December 1943: Photo Reconnaissance from Algeria
December 1943-September 1945: Photo Reconnaissance from Italy

Part of
10 July 1943: North African Photographic Reconnaissance Wing; Northwest African Air Forces; Mediterranean Air Command



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