No. 55 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

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No.55 Squadron spent almost the entire Second World War serving as a day bomber squadron, first in North Africa and then on Sicily and for the entire duration of the campaign in Italy.

No.55 Squadron spent the nineteen years before the start of the Second World War serving with the British forces in Iraq, where in March 1939 it converted to the Bristol Blenheim. I August the squadron moved to Egypt, in preparation for an expected Italian declaration of war, but that didn't come until June 1940.

The Squadron took part in almost the entire desert war, operating as a day bomber squadron for most of that period (apart from a short period of rest in the summer of 1941 and a period of anti-shipping sweeps from September 1941 until March 1942.

In July 1943, after the end of the campaign in North Africa, the Baltimore equipped squadron turned its attention to Sicily, moving onto that island in August. A move to mainland Italy followed in September 1943, and the squadron spent the rest of the war operating in support of the Allied armies as they advanced up the country.

March 1939-December 1940: Bristol Blenheim I
December 1940-April 1942: Bristol Blenheim IV
May 1942-March 1943: Martin Baltimore I, II and III
March-October 1943: Martin Baltimore IIIA
June 1943-May 1944: Martin Baltimore IV
January-October 1944: Martin Baltimore V
October 1944-July 1946: Douglas Boston IV
February 1945-July 1946: Douglas Boston V

August 1939-June 1940: Ismailia
June 1940-January 1941: Fuka
January 1941: LG.79
January-February 1941: Amseat
February 1941: Bu Amud
February-March 1941: Heliopolis
March-April 1941: Maraua
April 1941: Derna
April 1941: Gazala North
April 1941: Great Gambut
April-May 1941: Matten Bagush
May-June 1941: LG.95
June-July 1941: Helwan
July-August 1941: LG.100 Wadi Natrun
August-September 1941: Aqir
September 1941-January 1942: Fuka
January 1942: Bu Amud
January 1942: Benina
January 1942: Berka Main
January 1942: El Gubbi
January-February 1942: Gambut
February-March 1942: Fuka
March-April 1942: Helwan
April-May 1942: Luxor
May-July 1942: LG.99 Amriya
July 1942: Ismailia
July-August 1942: LG.98
August 1942-March 1943: LG.86
March 1943: El Sirtan
March-April 1943: Marsa Gardane
April 1943: Medenine Main
April-June 1943: La Fauconnerie South
June 1943: Enfidaville
June-August 1943: Reyville
August 1943: Gela West
August-September 1943: Gerbini 3/ Sigonella
September-October 1943: Brindisi
October 1943-January 1944: Foggia 1/ Celone
January-March 1944: Kabrit
March-May 1944: Biferno
May-June 1944: San Severo
June-July 1944: Tarquinia
July-October 1944: Cecina
October 1944: Perugia
October 1944-January 1945: Marcianise
January-March 1945: Falconara
March-May 1945: Forli
May-September 1945: Aviano
September 1945-November 1946: Hassani

Squadron Codes: Y, G, T, V, B, Y, B

1940-1945: Day bomber squadron, North Africa and Italy


Blenheim Squadrons of World War Two, Jon Lake. This book looks at the entire RAF service career of the Bristol Blenheim, from its debut as a promising fast bomber, through the deadly disillusionment of the blitzkrieg, on to its work in the Middle East and Mediterranean, where the aircraft found a new lease of life. Lake also looks at the use of the Blenheim as an interim fighter aircraft and its use by Coastal Command.
cover cover cover

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