No. 526 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

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No.526 Squadron was a radar calibration squadron that served in northern Scotland. The squadron was formed at Inverness on 15 June 1943, and used the Blenheim as its main aircraft, along with a number of Hornet Moths and Oxfords. The aircraft were used to fly along pre-arranged flight plans to allow radar operators to calibrate their radar sets. The squadron also operated a flight of Dominies, providing communications links between units scattered across the north of Scotland. The squadron was absorbed by No.527 Squadron on 1 May 1945.

June 1943-May 1945: Bristol Blenheim IV
June 1943-May 1945: Hornet Moth
June 1943-May 1945: Oxford I
August 1943-May 1945: Dominie I

June 1943-May 1945: Inverness

Squadron Codes: MD

1943-1945: Radar Calibration Squadron



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