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No.299 Squadron was an airborne forces squadron that took part in the D-Day landings, Arnhem, the crossing of the Rhine and the liberation of Oslo.

The squadron was formed on 4 November 1943 around C Flight, No.297 Squadron. It trained with Venturas, before converting to the Stirling in January 1944. The squadron's first combat operation came on 5 April 1944, and saw it dropping supplies to SOE operatives working with the French Resistance.

The squadron's main purpose was to work with the airborne forces, both towing gliders and carrying paratroops. On D-Day the squadron provided twenty four aircraft for a pre-dawn paratroop drop and sixteen glider towing aircraft. Two aircraft were lost on the day, one on each operation.

The squadron's next major operation was Market Garden. Between 17-23 September the squadron flew fifty-four glider towing sorties and seventy two supply dropping missions, losing five aircraft.

The next major airborne operation was the crossing of the Rhine, but by this point German resistance was fading, and no aircraft were lost in twenty nine sorties.

The squadron's last major operation was the liberation of Oslo in May 1945, which saw Allied airborne forces fly into Oslo to disarm German troops, partly to prevent any attempt at a final stand in Norway and partly to prevent any possible Soviet occupation.

The squadron flew general transport missions until it was disbanded on 15 February 1946.

November 1943-January 1944: Lockheed Ventura I and II
January 1944-February 1946: Short Stirling IV

November 1943-March 1944: Stoney Cross
March-October 1944: Keevil
October 1944-January 1945: Wethersfield
January 1945-February 1946: Shepherds Grove

Squadron Codes: A (Ventura), 5G (Stirling)

1943-1945: Airborne forces
1945-1946: Transport

Part of
6 June 1944: No.38 Group; HQ Allied Expeditionary Air Force



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