No. 184 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

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No.184 Squadron was a fighter-bomber squadron that served with Second Tactical Air Force, taking part on the Battle of Normandy and the advance into Germany.

The squadron was formed on 1 December 1942 at Colerne, and was equipped with the Hawker Hurricane Mk IID. This version of the aircraft, armed with a 40m anti-tank cannon, was used for training with the army, but it was replaced with the Mk IV before the squadron flew its first operational sortie. The Mk IV could carry guns, bombs or rockets, and it would be the rockets that became the standard ground attack weapon.

Operations began on 17 June 1943 with an attack on enemy shipping. In October the squadron received four Spitfires for conversion training, but in December it converted to the Hawker Typhoon, which became the RAF's main ground attack aircraft in Western Europe. The Typhoons were used for attacks on enemy communications in the period before D-Day, before on 27 June 1944 the squadron moved to Normandy.

The squadron provided close support to the 21st Army Group during the battle of Normandy, the period of the breakout and the advance into the Low Countries. The winter of 1944-45 was spent operating from bases in the Netherlands. The squadron moved to Germany on 21 March 1945, and claimed to be the first British squadron to be based on German soil during the Second World War. Attacks on German airfields and communication targets continued to the end of the war. The squadron then formed part of the occupation forces, before being disbanded on 10 September 1945.

December 1941-March 1944: Hawker Hurricane IID and Hurricane IV
October 1943-December 1943: Supermarine Spitfire VB
December 1943-September 1945: Hawker Typhoon IB

December 1942-February 1943: Colerne
February 1943: Milfield
February-March 1943: Colerne
March 1943: Chilbolton
March 1943: Grove
March-May 1943: Zeals
May 1943: Eastchurch
May-June 1943: Merston
June-August 1943: Manston
August 1943: Kingsnorth
August-September 1943: Newchurch
September 1943: Snailwell
September-October 1943: Newchurch
October 1943-March 1944: Detling
March 1944: Odiham
March-April 1944: Eastchurch
April 1944: Odiham
April-May 1944: Westhampnett
May 1944: Holmsley South
May-June 1944: Westhampnett
June 1944: Holmsley South
June-July 1944: B.10 Plumetot
July-August 1944: B.5 Le Fresney Camille
August-September 1944: B.24 St. Andre de l'Eure
September 1944: B.42 Beauvais/ Tille
September 1944: B.50 Vitry-en-Artois
September 1944: B.70 Deurne
September 1944-March 1945: B.80 Volkel
March-April 1945: B.100 Goch
April 1945: B.110 Achmer
April-May 1945: B.150 Hustedt
May 1945: Warmwell
May-August 1945: B.164 Schleswig
August-September 1945: B.160 Kastrup
September 1945: B.166 Flensburg

Squadron Codes: BR

6 June 1944: No.129 (RCAF) Wing; No.83 Group; Second Tactical Air Force; Allied Expeditionary Air Force

1943-1945: Fighter bomber squadron



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