No. 173 Squadron (RAF): Second World War

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No.173 Squadron was a communications squadron that operated in the Middle East from the summer of 1942 until early in 1944. The squadron was formed at Heliopolis on 9 July 1942 as a communcations unit within No.216 Group. It operated two flights - 'A' Flight used Lodestars on passenger and freight routes, while 'B' Flight had a mix of short-range light aircraft which it used for local communications. By September 1943 'B' Flight had standardised on the Anson, Argus and Proctor for its short range flights, but on 29 February 1944 the squadron lost its number, becoming the Middle East Communications Squadron.

July 1942-February 1944: Lodestar II
July 1942-February 1944: Percival Proctor I and III
September 1942-February 1944: Argus I
September 1943-February 1944: Avro Anson I
Plus numerous other types in small numbers

July 1942-February 1944: Heliopolis

Squadron Codes: -

July 1942-February 1944: Communcations Squadron, Middle East.

Part of
27 October 1942: No.216 Group; RAF Middle East
10 July 1943: No.216 Group; Mediterranean Air Command



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