Trondheim Harbour under German Control

Trondheim Harbour under German Control

Reconnaissance photograph of the port of Trondheim under German occupation.

1: Three German destroyers
2: Island of Munckholmen, heavily defended with gun and searchlight positions
3: Oil tankers
4: Merchant vessels
5: Coaster
6: Motor vessel
7: "Huarasean" type cargo-liner, used as a depot ship for U-boats
8: Two large motor vessels
9: Warehouses on the quay
10: Railway traffc yard
11: Foundations of buildings related to German naval base
12: Coastal gun battery
13: Flak position
14: Huts for the personnel of the batteries

Taken from Coastal Command, 1939-1942, HMSO, published 1943, p.22-23

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