Supermarine Spitfire Side Views

plan views of the Spitfire from the side
These three side plans show the development of the Spitfire fuselage. Bottom is the Mk I of 1939-40. This is the classic Merlin powered Spitfire, with the distinctive bubble canopy.

The middle plan is of the Spitfire Mk XIV. This shows the longer nose required for the Rolls Royce Griffon engine, and the larger tail assembly used on later Spitfires.

Finally, the top plan shows a FR.Mk XIV (Fighter Reconnaisance), with the cut down rear fuselage and sliding canopy used on many late Spitfires. It also shows the location of the oblique camera behind the cockpit.

How to cite this article: Rickard, J (6 February 2007), Supermarine Spitfire Side Views,

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