Petlyakov Pe-2 from the front

Petlyakov Pe-2 from the front
Here we see a Petlyakov Pe-2 from the front. This was a succesful twin engined medium bomber that was also used as a heavy fighter, dive bomber, night fighter and reconnaissance aircraft.
The Petlyakov Pe-2 – Stalin’s Succesful Red Air Force Light Bomber, Peter C. Smith. Looks at the development and career of the Petlyakov Pe-2, the most important Soviet twin engined bomber of the Second World War, and a successful dive bomber that played a major role in the fighting on the Eastern Front. Includes very detailed sections on the development of the aircraft, as well as its combat record, potted biographies of many of the key Pe-2 pilots, and its fairly brief post-war career. Sometimes exaggerates the significant and performance of the Pe-2, but is otherwise excellent. (Read Full Review)
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