Public Relations Release, No.23 Squadron, Februry 1944 (bottom half)

Public Relations Release, No.23 Squadron, Februry 1944 (bottom half)

This public relations release discusses the actions of No.23 Squadron, based in Sardinia, in the early part of 1944 (bottom half).

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"This somewhat accountable demonstration of nervousness on the part of drivers, coupled with the increasing irritability of the ground defences, suggests that the affection held by the R.A.F. for Mosquitoes is not shared by the enemy", reported one pilot.

The operational area of the Mosquito squadron stretches from the Bay of Biscay, on the west coast of France, to the Gulf of Venice, north-east of Italy. In addition to attacking trains and transport the Mosquitoes 'intrude' over the airfields in the south of France shooting down enemy bombers as they take off or return to base, and, in many cases keeping them grounded by their mere presence.

During the whole of last month there were only six nights during which the Mosquitoes were not operating, a record which says much for the skill and daring of the ground crews in maintaining a very high standard of serviceability.

Sorties during January numbered more than 200, all by lone aircraft.

It was members of this squadron who, on the night of January 6/7 shot down three of the enemy over an airfield near Toulouse and caused the ground defences to shoot down one of their own aircraft in mistake for the intruder.

Flying from one of the most forward bases in Allied hands, they form the night spearhead of Air Vice Marshal Sir Hugh Lloyd's Mediterranean Allied Coastal Air Force in its harrying of enemy transport by land and sea.

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