Letter from John Dobler to Parents (4 of 4)

Letter from John Dobler to Parents (4 of 4)

This is page four of a letter from John Dobler to his parents, written while he was undergoing pilot training somewhere in the United States.

Without the clanking of a cannery in
full gear. Hope all dads tomatoes
don’t give him the hives.
Don’t know anyone here I was
ever with before in the army, but
you pick up with one group where
you leave another, ? write
? you might tell her its
been about a year since she last
write. Well, best I stop and
go to bed – Say I’m sure
sorry I couldn’t see Aunt Del?
The train only stopped at LA
For 45 minutes and we didn’t
Get off cause we didn’t know
How ? it would ? out again.
Boy! Sometimes I think if &
? ? again I’ll go ??
Tell Dad if I go get home we are
going to devote one ? to a good
drink, and another will find your ?
With collared ?, like ? did. Well,
here ’s the pages end Love John

Many thanks to Julie Harrison, John Dobler's niece, for sending us this photo.

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