Letter from John Dobler to Parents (2 of 4)

Letter from John Dobler to Parents (2 of 4)

This is page two of a letter from John Dobler to his parents, written while he was undergoing pilot training somewhere in the United States.

Navigator yet. My job is a pain
in the neck, everything that goes
wrong is my fault, I’m responsible
for what the rest of the crew does on
the ground and in the air, I have to
sign for all the equipment we check
out and pay for it if lost, then on top
of everything else I have to do
all the ?
That goes on, I’m supposed to
know and explain anything about any
ones job in the plane if they are in doubt
On anything. Then too if something
does wring in the air I’m supposed
to check and seee that everyone else
is out before I jump – seems like
these deal makes me the fall guy
all the way around. Then they explain
that every time you go up you are
responsible for 10 lives and ½ million
dollars worth of govt property - oh
for those carefree civilian days again
This old stuff will give me gray hairs
Sure hope I get that furlough

Many thanks to Julie Harrison, John Dobler's niece, for sending us this photo.

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