Four Dud German Shells, Anzio, 1944

Four Dud German Shells, Anzio, 1944

Here we see an American sergeant next to four dud shells recovered within the Anzio beachhead. His 2ft long ruler gives some idea of their massive size.

From left to right we see a 150mm gun shell, 170mm gun-howitzer shell, 210 howitzer or railway gun shell and 280mm railway gun shell.

The second shell is from the 17cm Kanone 18 in Mörserlafette, the heaviest field gun in German service.

The largest shell, on the right, comes from one of the Krupp 28-cm-Kanone 5 (E) railway guns that were used to bombard the beach head and became know as 'Anzio Annie' and the 'Anzio Express'. The nose cap has been removed, but we can still see the ridges to fit into the rifled barrel of the massive gun.

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