The Mulberry port at Arromanches

The Mulberry port at Arromanches

Here we see an aerial shot of the British Mulberry port at Arromanches. The scale of the construction is shown by the size of the Liberty ships in the bottom-right of the picture.

The picture has six numbered features

1: The two long floating piers in the centre of the picture, each nearly three-quarters of a mile long
2: A shorter pier for barges (top right)
3: Main spud pier for coasters and medium sized ships (at the end of the piers in 1)
4: 'Gooseberry' blockship (bottom left)
5: 'Phoenix' concrete caissons making a break-water (some centre bottom, some bottom right)
6: Mooring for Liberty ships (bottom right, just above a line of 'Phoenix' break-waters.

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