Interior of No.2 Turret, USS Louisville (CA-28)

Interior of No.2 Turret, USS Louisville (CA-28)
Here we see the damage done to No.2 turret of the Northampton class heavy cruiser USS Louisville (CA-28) by a kamikaze strike. The picture was taken at the Mare Island Navy Yard on 7 February 1945. Three areas of damage are noted - a buckled and torn bulkhead, some broken grass, and fire damage to the roof. The view is looking 'aft and starboard'. She was hit by two kamikazes on 5-6 January 1945, while heading for Lingayen Gulf during operations to support the invasion of Luzon.
US Heavy Cruisers 1941-45: Pre War Classes, Mark Stille. Looks at the 'treaty cruisers' built in the US between the wars, limited by treaty to 10,000 tons and 8in guns. Five classes of treaty cruisers were produced and they played a major role in the fighting during the Second World War, despite the limits imposed on them by the treaty restrictions. [read full review]
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