USS Fresno (CL-121) fitting out at New Jersey, 1946

USS Fresno (CL-121) fitting out at New Jersey, 1946
Here we see the Atlanta class light cruiser USS Fresno (CL-121) fitting out at Kearny, New Jersey, in September 1946. She had been launched on 5 March and would be commissioned on 27 November 1946. The hut and small boat by her side give some idea of her size, although she is dwarfed by the much larger merchant ship in the background.
US Navy Light Cruisers 1941-45, Mark Stille. Covers the five classes of US Navy light cruisers that saw service during the Second World War, with sections on their design, weaponry, radar, combat experience. Nicely organised, with the wartime service records separated out from the main text, so that the design history of the light cruisers flows nicely. Interesting to see how new roles had to be found for them, after other technology replaced them as reconnaissance aircraft [read full review]
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