Battle of McDowell, 8 May 1862

Map showing Stonewall Jackson's Shenandoah Valley campaign of 1862

Map showing the battle of McDowell, 8 May 1862, by Major Jed. Hotchkiss, Topographical Engineer Valley District Army of Northern Virginia

Caption reads: The Confederate commands (indicated by white bars) of Generals Edward Johnson and W. B. Taliaferro were posted on Setlington's Hill in the following order, beginning on the left: 52d, 10th, 58th, 31st and 23d Virginia; 12th Georgia; 37th Virginia.

General Milroy's troops (indicated by black bars) moved from the valley of the Bull Pasture River against the Confederate position, and were engaged from right to left as follows: 25th, 75th, 32d and 82d Ohio and 3d W. Virginia, with Johnson's 12th Ohio battery on Hall's Ridge, the extreme left.

The attack opened on the Union right and ended with a flank movement by the regiments on the left.

Map taken from Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: II: North to Antietam, p.286

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