Battle of Wilson's Creek or Oak Hills, 10 August 1861

The engagement began at 5:30 A. M., Lyon’s advance driving Rains over Bloody Hill. Price’s line as formed to confront the main attack by Lyon about 6:30 was, from left to right, as follows: McBride, Parsons (with Guibor’s battery), Clark, Slack, and Rains. This force numbered 3168 men with 4 guns, and was opposed by nearly 2000 men with 10 guns. The right of the first Union line was held by the 1st Missouri; on its left were Totten’s battery, Osterhaus’s battalion, the 1st Kansas, DuBois’s battery, and Steele’s battalion. Later, the 1st Kansas was relieved by the 1st Iowa (800), and the 1st Missouri by the 2d Kansas (600), and by Steele. This brought the Union strength at this point up to 3550. Meanwhile, Hébert’s 3d Louisiana and McIntosh’s regiment and McRae’s battalion, together numbering 1320, moved down from their encampment (marked “McCulloch’s brigade”), crossed the road, and repulsed Plummer’s 300 in the corn-field, but were driven back by DuBois’s battery. By this hour (8 o’clock) Sigel had attacked on the rear and had driven Churchill’s Infantry and Greer’s and Major’s cavalry out of their camps. McCulloch now gathered up part of the 3d Louisiana and routed Sigel’s troops, who were at Sharp’s farm. He was aided in this by the fire of Reid’s and Bledsoe’s batteries. Woodruff’s battery had from the start chiefly engaged Totten; and now Churchill, and next Greer’s and Carroll’s cavalry, and afterward Gratiot’s regiment (of Pearce’s brigade) were conducted to the aid of Price, raising his force to 4239, exclusive of Greer and Carroll, who had been quickly repulsed by Totten; Lyon’s being as above, 3550, exclusive of 220 of Plummer’s and 350 of the Mounted Reserve. General Lyon was killed at 10:30. Just as Pearce’s fresh regiments (under Walker and Dockery) and the 3d Louisiana were coming up. At 11:30 Major Sturgis withdrew the Union army, which was then outnumbered two
to one. EDITORS.

Map taken from Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: I: Sumter to Shiloh, p.290

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