Berlin: The Initial Soviet Drive, 16-18 April 1945

This map shows the initial stage of the Soviet drive on Berlin, with the limited gains made on 16-18 April 1945
Berlin 1945: End of the Thousand Year Reich, Peter Antill. This book describes the events in the climactic battle for Berlin, looking at the Soviet advance towards Berlin and the Germans' final resistance. Illustrated with a host of maps, colour plates and photographs, it provides a vivid portrayal of the death throes of the Third Reich and the end of the war in Europe, exploring the strategy of both sides and the tactics of impromptu urban warfare. For the Soviets, Berlin was the ultimate prize after almost four years of bloodshed but the cost of taking the city would prove to be staggering. [see more]
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How to cite this article: Antill, P. (7 June 2009), Berlin: The Initial Soviet Drive, 16-18 April 1945,

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