Maps of the Battles of the Wars of the Roses

Battle of Sandwich Siege of London 1471 Siege of the Tower of London 1460 Siege of Alnwick 1462 Siege of Alnwick 1462-3 Siege of Bamburgh 1462 Bamburgh 1464 Siege of Dunstanburgh Siege of Harlech Battle of Hedgeley Moor Battle of Hexham Battle of Twt Hill Battle of Wakefield Battle of Barnet Battle of Towton St Albans 1455 St Albans 1461 Battle of Stoke Blore Heath Battle of Bosworth Battle of Ferrybridge Battle of Losecote Field Battle of Ludford Bridge Mortimer's Cross Battle of Edgecote Moor Battle of Tewkesbury Battle of Northampton
This clickable map shows the battles of the Wars of the Roses, from the first clash at St. Albansin in 1455 to the final battles of Bosworth in 1485 and Stoke in 1487. As this map shows the war directly affected large parts of England and Wales, but with clusters in the Midlands and the North East.
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