10 March 1945

March 1945

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War at Sea

German submarine U-275 sunk with all hands after hitting a mine off Newhaven

War in the Air

One B-29 raid burns out 16.5 acres of Tokyo

Far East

Japanese and French troops fight in Hanoi

Western Front

US 1st and 2nd Armies link up on the Rhine

Overturned German Gun at Alpen
German Gun at Alpen

British troops capture Alpen, south-west of Wesel on the west bank of the Rhine


Stalin returns Transylvania to Romania

Eastern Front

General of Panzer Troops Hasso von Manteuffel takes command of Third Panzer Army


Hitler's Panzer Armies on the Eastern Front, Robert Kirchubel. A 'unit history' written on the largest scale, tracing the campaigns fought by the four Panzer Armies on the Eastern Front, from their roles in the early German victories, to their eventual defeat and destruction in the ruins of the Reich. A very useful contribution to the literature on the Eastern Front. [read full review]
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