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R2D-1, Douglas
R4D, Douglas (DC-3/ C-47)
R4D-8, Douglas (Super DC-3)
R5D, Douglas (DC-4)
Raab, 14 June 1809
Rabaul, Reduction of, Operation Cartwheel, (30 June 1943- January 1944)
Race to the Sea of September-October 1914
Radcot Bridge, battle of, 19 December 1387
Rafa, battle of, 9 January 1917
Rajah, HMS
Rajowka, battle of, 10 September 1708
Raleigh, USS (CL-7)
Ram Mk I, Cruiser Tank (Canada)
Ram Mk II, Cruiser Tank (Canada)
Ramcke, Hermann Bernhard, 1889-1968
Ramillies, battle of, 23 May 1706
Ramleh, battle of, 25 November 1177
Ramsay, Sir Bertram Home (1883–1945)
Ranee, HMS
Rangoon, Short
Ranken, Harry Sherwood, VC MB ChB MRCP 1883-1914
Raphia, battle of, 22 June 217 BC
Rapid Deployment Force, United States (Longer article)
Rapp, Jean, Comte de, 1772-1821
Rappahannock Redoubts, action at, 7 November 1863
Rastatt, battle of, 5 July 1796
Ravager, HMS
Rava Ruska, battle of, 3-11 September 1914 (Poland)
Ravenna, battle, 11 April 1512
Ravi, battle of, 1306
Raymond, battle of, 12 May 1863
Real IRA
Reaper, HMS
Reckless, Operation - Hollandia and Aitape, 22-27 April 1944
Red Brigades
Reding, Teodoro, d.1809
Redinha, combat of, 12 March 1811
Red River Campaign
Regen or Reinhausen, engagement of, 17 April 1809
Regensburg or Ratisbon, battle of, 23 April 1809
Reggiane Re.2000 Falco (Falcon)
Reggiane Re.2001 Falco II
Reggiane Re.2002 Ariete (Ram)
Reggiane Re.2003
Reggiane Re.2005 Sagittario (Archer)
Reichenbach, combat of, 22 May
Reid, USS (DD-21)
Reille, Honoré Charles M. J., 1775-1860
Religion, First War of, 1562-3
Religion, Second War of, 1567-8
Religion, Third War of, 1568-70
Religion, Fourth War of, 1572-73
Religion, Fifth War of, 1575-76
Renault AMC 34
Renault AMC 35
Renault AMR 33
Renault AMR 35
Renault FT-17 Light Tank (France)
Renault NC
Renault R35 Light Infantry Tank/ Char Léger MLE.1935 R
Renault UE Infantry Vehicle
Renchen, combat of, 26 June 1796
Rendova Island, invasion of, 30 June 1943
Rennell Island, battle of, 29-30 January 1943
Reno, USS (CL-96)
Renty, battle of, 13 August 1554
Republic P-43 Lancer
Republic XP-44 Rocket
Republic P-47 Thunderbolt
Republic XP-72
Resaca, battle of, 13-15 May 1864
Reval, action off, 29 July 1714
Revere, Paul, 1735-1818
Rheims, battle of, 13 March 1814
Rhine and German Fronts, War of the First Coalition
Rhodes, siege of, 88 B.C.
Rhyndacis, battle of the, 73 B.C.
Rich Mountain, battle of, 12 July 1861
Richmond, Kentucky, battle of, 30 August 1862
Richmond, HMS/ USS Fairfax (DD-93)
Richmond, USS (CL-9)
Riedau, combat of, 1 May 1809
Rietfontein or Modderspruit, battle of, 24 October 1899
Rifle, Napoleonic
Ringgold, USS (DD-89)/ HMS Newark
Rio Mayor, skirmish of, 19 January 1811
Ripon, Blackburn
Ripon, Treaty of (26 October 1640)
River Plate, battle of the, 13 December 1939
Riviera, HMS
Rivoli, battle of, 14 January 1797
Rivoli, combat of, 15 September 1799
Roanoke Island, battle of, 7-8 February 1862
Robinson, USS (DD-88)/ HMS Newmarket
Roc, Blackburn
Rochester, USS (CA-124)
Roe, USS (DD-24)
Roer, battle of the, 2 October 1794
Rokuhara, battle of, 20 June 1333
Rolica, battle of, 17 August 1808
Romani, battle of, 3-9 August 1916
Romano-Chiusella, battle of, 26 May 1800
Romanus IV Diogenes, Byzantine Emperor (1067-1071)
Rome and Antiochus III, war between, 192-188 B.C.
Rome, sack of, 390 B.C.
Rommel, Erwin (1891-1944)
Rommel's First Offensive, March 24-May 30 1941
Rommel's Second Offensive, 21 January- 4 February 1942
Ronquillo, combat of, 25-26 March 1810
Rooilaagte, battle of, 25 November 1899
Roon class heavy cruisers
Rosas, siege, 6 November- 5 December 1808
Roses, Wars of the, 1455-1485
Rossbach, battle of, 5 November 1757 (Germany)
Rossbrun, battle of, 26 July 1866
Rota, Avro
Rotary Engine
Rouen, siege of, 29 September-26 October 1562
Rovereto, battle of, 4 September 1796
Rowan, USS (DD-64)
Rowley Burn, battle of, 633
Rowton Heath, battle of, 24 September 1645
Royal Aircraft Factory
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.1
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2a
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2b
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2c
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2d
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2e
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2f
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2g
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2/ B.E.12 Squadrons
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.3
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.4
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.5
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.6
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.7
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.8
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.8a
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.9
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.10
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.12
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.12a
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.12b
Royal Aircraft Factory H.R.E.2
Royal Aircraft Factory H.R.E.6
Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.1
Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.3
Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.4
Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.5
Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.7
Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8
Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.9
Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5a
Royalist HMS
Royal Marine, Operation: Mining the Rhine, May 1940
Royal Oak, HMS
Ruler class escort carriers (UK)
Ruler, HMS
Rupert, Prince, count palatine of the Rhine, duke of Bavaria, duke of Cumberland, earl of Holderness (1619-1682)
Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria, 1869-1955
Russell, HMS
Russian, Napoleon's Campaign of 1812
Ruthven, battle of, 20 June 1306
Rutter, Operation, The Planned Attack on Dieppe, 7 July 1942