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L2D 'Tabby'
L37, Kusho
L 3-33 Light Tank
L 3-35 Light Tank
L 3-38 Light Tank
L4M1, Mitsubishi
L 6-40 Light Tank
Laa, combat of, 9 July 1809
La Bassée, battle of, 10 October-2 November 1914
La Bicocca, Battle of, 27 April 1522
La Charité, siege of, 25 April-2 May 1577
Labraunda, battle of , 497 BC
Lacobriga (Lagos), siege of, 78 BC
Ladbroke, 9-10 July 1943
Lade, battle of, 494 BC
Lade, battle of, 201 BC
Ladysmith, siege, 2 November 1899-27 February 1900
Lae, battle of, 4-16 September 1943
Laeffelt, battle of, 2 July 1747
La Favorita, battle of, 16 January 1797
La Fère, siege of, November 1595 - 16 May 1596
La-Fere-Champenoise, battle of, 25 March 1814
Lagos Bay, 18 August 1759 (Portugal)
Lahore, siege of, to 22 December 1241
Lahore, battle of, early January 1524
Lake Ladoga, battle of, 26 June 1702
Lake Ladoga, battle of 7 September 1702
Lake Naroch, battle of, 18-26 March 1916
Lake Peipus, battle of, 31 May 1702
Lake Peipus, battle of, 7 August 1703
Lake Peipus, battle of, 17 May 1704
Lake Regillus, 499 or 496 B.C.
Lake Vadimo, battle of, 310/309 BC
Lamberton, USS (DD-119/ AG-21/ DMS-2)
Lamia, siege of, 322 BC
Lamian or Hellenic War, 323-321 BC
Lamson, USS (DD-18)
Lancaster, Avro
Lancaster, HMS/ USS Philip (DD-76)
Landguard Fort, attack on, 2 July 1667
Landing Craft, Personnel (Large) (LCP(L))
Landing Craft, Personnel (Ramp) (LCP(R))
Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (LCVP)
Landrecies or Beaumont-En-Cambresis, battle of, 26 April 1794
Landrecies, siege of, 17-30 April 1794
Landshut, engagement of, 16 April 1809
Landshut, battle of, 21 April 1809
Langdale, Marmaduke, first Baron Langdale (?1598-1661)
Langemarck, battle of, 21-24 October 1914
Langenbruck, combat of, 1 September 1796
Langle de Cary, Fernande de, 1867-1927
Langport, battle of, 10 July 1645
Lannes, Jean, Marshal, 10 April 1769-1809
Lansdale, USS (DD-101/ DM-6)
Lantern Shield
Lantian, battle of, 207 BC
Lancer, P-43, Republic
Lancers, Napoleonic
Laodicean War (Third Syrian War), 246-241 BC
Laodocium, battle of, 423/2 B.C.
Laon, battle of, 8-9 March 1814
La Roche-Abeille, battle of, 25 June 1569
La Roche Derien, battle of, 27 June 1347 (Brittany)
La Rochelle, siege, December 1572-July 1573
La Rothiere, battle of, 1 February 1814
Lasalle, Antoine , 1775-1809
Latham House, siege of, 28 February-May 1644
Latin War, 340-338
Latour, Maximilian, Graf Baillet von, 1737-1806
Laufach, battle of, 13 July 1866
Laugharne castle, siege of, 29 October-3 November 1644
Laugharne, Rowland
Laupen, battle of, 21 June 1339 (Switzerland)
Lauriston, Jacques Alexandre Bernard Law, Marquis de, 1758-1828
Lauro or Lauron, siege, 76 BC
Lautrec, Marshal Odet de Foix, Count of, 1485-1528
Lautulae, battle of, 315 BC
Laveno, combat of, 30 May 1859
Lavis, engagement of, 6 September 1796
Law, Oliver, 1899-1937
Lawrence Class Destroyers
Lawrence, USS (DD-8)
Laybach, combat near, 22 May 1809
LB-1, Huff-Daland
LB-5, Keystone
LB-6, Keystone
LB-7, Keystone
LB-8, Keystone
LB-9, Keystone
LB-10, Keystone
LB-11, Keystone
LB-13, Keystone
LB-14, Keystone
League of Cambrai, War of the, 1508-1510
Leamington, HMS/ USS Twiggs (DD-127)
Leander class frigate (Type 12M)
Leary, USS (DD-158)
Le Boulou, battle of, 30 April-1 May 1794
Le Cateau, battle of, 26 August 1914
Lea, USS (DD-118)
Lebrun, General Anne-Charles, 1775-1859
Lech, battle of the, 15 April 1632
Lechaeum or Corinth, battle, 390
Lechaeum, capture of, 392 BC
Leclerc Main Battle Tank (France)
L'Ecluse or Sluys, siege of, 28 July-25 August 1794
Lee/ Grant/ Medium Tank M3
Lee, Robert E., 1807-70
Lee's Mill, battle of, 16 April 1862
Leeds, HMS/ USS Conner (DD-72)
Lefebvre, Francois Joseph, duke of Danzig, 1755-1820
Lefebvre-Desnouettes, Charles, 1755-1820
Leghorn, battle of, 4 March 1653
Legnano, battle of, 29 May 1176 (Italy)
Leharpe, Amédée Emmanuel François, 1754-1796
Le Havre, siege of, 22 May-31 July 1563
Leicester, battle of, 31 May 1645 (England)
Leichte Feldhaubitze 18/2 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II (Sf)/ Wespe
Leichter Flakpanzer IV (3cm) Kugelblitz
Leigh Light
Leipzig, battle of ('The Battle of Nations'), 16-18 October 1813
Leipzig, battle of, buildup to, 25 September -15 October 1813
Leipzig, batte of, first day, 16 October 1813
Leipzig, battle of, day two, 17 October 1813
Leipzig, battle of, day three, 18 October 1813
Leipzig, battle of, day four, 19 October 1813
Leipzig, SMS
Lemberg, battles of, 23 August-12 September 1914
Lemberg, battle of, 20-22 June 1915
Lemnos, battle of, 73 B.C.
'Leopard'/ VK30.01(P) (Porsche Typ 100)
Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank (Germany)
Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank (Germany)
Leosthenes, Athenian General (d.322)
Leotychides, king of Sparta (c.545-469 BC)
Le Pouzin, siege of, 5-15 October 1574
Lequeitio, combat of, 21-22 June 1812
Lerida, siege of, 15 April-14 May 1810 
Lerin, combat of, 30 March 1813
Lerwick, Saro
Lesnaja, battle of, 9 October 1708 (NS)
Letter Bomb
Leucimme, battle of, 435
Leuctra, battle of, 371 BC
Leuthen, battle of, 5 December 1757 (Prussia, now Poland)
Lewes, battle of, 1264
Lewes, HMS/ USS Craven (DD-70), USS
Lexington class battlecruisers
Lexington, siege of, 18-20 September 1862
Leyte Gulf, battle of, 23-26 October 1944
Liberation Movements
Liberation, War of, 1813 (Germany)
Liberator, Consolidated B-24
Libo, Lucius Scribonius, fl.56-34 BC
Lichtenstein, Johannes Joseph, Fürst zu, 1760-1836
Liddell-Hart, Sir Basil Henry (1895-1970)
Liege, siege of, 5-16 August 1914 (Belgium)
Liebenau, combat of, 26 June 1866
Liegnitz, battle of, 5 April 1241 (Poland)
Liebertwolkwitz, battle of, 14th October 1813
Light Tank AA Mark I
Light Tank AA Mark II
Light Tank M1 / Combat Car M1 and M2 (USA)
Light Tank M2 (USA)
Light Tank M3 (USA)
Light Tank M5 (USA)
Light Tank Mk I, A4 (UK)
Light Tank Mk IA, A4 (UK)
Light Tank Mk II, A4 (UK)
Light Tank Mk IIA, A4 (UK)
Light Tank Mk IIB, A4 (UK)
Light Tank Mk III, A4 (UK)
Light Tank Mk IV, A4 (UK)
Light Tank MK V, A5 (UK)
Light Tank MK VI (UK)
Light Tank Mk VII 'Tetrarch' (A17)
Light Tank Mk VIII 'Harry Hopkins' (A25)
Light Tank T7/ Medium Tank M7
Light Tank T21
Li hua ch'iang (Fire-lance)
Lille, siege of, 25 September-7 October 1792
Lilybaeum, siege of, 250-241 B.C.
Limburg, combat of, 16 September 1796
Limonum, siege of, early 51 B.C.
Lincoln, battle of, 2 February 1141
Lincoln, battle of, 20 May 1217
Lincoln, Benjamin, American Revolutionary General, 1733-1810
Lindesnaes, action off, 26-27 June 1714
Linji/ Lin-chi, battle of, 208 BC
Linz, battle of, 17 May 1809
Lion class battlecruisers
Lion, HMS
Lioré-et-Olivier LeO 45
Lioré-et-Olivier LeO 450
Lioré-et-Olivier LeO 451
Lioré-et-Olivier LeO 452
Lioré-et-Olivier LeO 453
Lioré-et-Olivier LeO 454
Lioré-et-Olivier LeO 455
Lioré-et-Olivier LeO 456
Lioré-et-Olivier LeO 457
Lioré-et-Olivier LeO 458
Lipan, battle of, 16 June 1434 (Bohemian)
Lipera Islands, battle of (260 B.C.)
Liris or Tolenus River, battle of, 11 June 90 BC
Little, Robert Alexander (1895-1918)
Little, USS (DD-79/ APD-2)
Little Rock, USS (CL-92)
Littoral Warfare
Liu Bang (256-195 BC)
Liverpool, HMS
Livron, first siege of, 23 June-? 1574
Livron, second siege of, 17 December 1574-24 January 1575
Lixia, late 204 BC
Lockheed A-28 (Hudson)
Lockheed A-29 (Hudson)
Lockheed AT-18 Advanced Trainer
Lockheed B-34 (Ventura)
Lockheed B-37 (Ventura)
Lockheed C-36 Electra
Lockheed C-37 Electra
Lockheed C-40 Electra Junior
Lockheed C-56 Lodestar
Lockheed C-57 Lodestar
Lockheed C-59 Lodestar
Lockheed C-60 Lodestar
Lockheed C-69 Constellation
Lockheed C-85 Orion
Lockheed C-101 Vega
Lockheed C-111 Super Electra
Lockheed C-121 Constellation
Lockheed Hudson/ A-28/ A-29
Lockheed JO
Lockheed Model 37
Lockheed P-38 Lightning
Lockheed PBO-1 (US Navy Hudson)
Lockheed PO-1W/ WV-1
Lockheed PO-2W/ WV-2 'Warning Star'
Lockheed PV-1
Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon
Lockheed R7O/ R7V
Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird
Lockheed Ventura
Lockheed XB-30
Lockheed XC-35 Electra
Lockheed XFV-1
Lockheed XRO-1 Altair
Lockheed XR4O (Super Electra)
Lockheed Y1C-12
Lockheed Y1C-17 'Speed Vega'
Lockheed Y1C-23 'Altair'
Lockheed Y1C-25 'Altair'
Lodi, battle of, 10 May 1796
Lodz, battle of, 11-25 November 1914
Loening M-8
Loening XO-10
Loening OA-1
Loening OA-2
Loening OL
Loening O2L
Loening PA-1
Loening PW-2
Loening XHL-1
Logan Cross Roads or Mill Springs, 19 January 1862
Logistics, focused
Logisitics, Military: A Brief History
Loire, battle on the, early 51 B.C.
Lombard’s Kop, battle of, 30 October 1899
Lonato, first battle of, 31 July 1796
Lonato, second battle of, 3 August 1796
London class pre-dreadnought battleships
London, HMS
London, Saro A.27
London, siege, 12-15 May 1471
Lone Tree Hill/ Wakde-Sarmi, battle of, 17 May-2 September 1944
Long Barrel 21cm Morser L/14.6
Long Island, battle of, 26-29 August 1776
Longjumeau, edict of, 23 March 1568
Long Parliament, 3 November 1640-1660
Longstreet, James, 1821-1904
Longwy, siege of, 20-23 August 1792
Lookout Mountain, battle of, 24 November 1863
Loos, battle of, 25 September-14 October 1915
Lord Clive class monitors
Lord Nelson class battleships
Lorraine, battle of, 14 August-7 September 1914
Lorraine Type 37L or Lorraine Tractor
Los Angeles, USS (CA-135)
Losecote Field, battle of, 12 March 1470
Los Negros, battle of, 29 February-8 March 1944
Loudun Hill, battle of, May 1307
Louisbourg, siege and fall of, 2 June-27 July 1758 (Canada)
Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, 1773-1808
Louisville, USS (CA-28)
Loveday of 24 March 1458
Lowery Cole, Galbraith (1772 -1842)
Lowestoft, battle of, 3 June 1665 (O.S.)
Lowestoft, HMS
Lowestoft Raid of 25 April 1916
Luce, USS (DD-99/ DM-4)
Luchs (Lynx)/ Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf L/ VK1303
Luckau, combat of, 6 June 1813
Ludendorff, Erich von, 1865-1937, German General
Ludendorff Offensives, 21 March-18 July 1918
Ludford Bridge, rout of, 12-13 October 1459
Ludlow, HMS/ USS Stockton (DD-73)
Ludlow, USS (DD-112/ DM-10)
Luettwitz, Smilo, Freiherr von, 1895-1975
Lugo, skirmish at, 7 January 1809
Lundy's Lane, battle of, 25 July 1814
Lunéville, peace of, 9 February 1801
Lusignan, siege, September 1574-25 January 1575
Lutetia, battle of, May 52 BC
Lutter (am Barenberge), battle of, 27 August 1626
Lutzen, battle of, 16 November 1632
Lützen, battle of, 2 May 1813
Lützow, General Adolf Wilhelm, Freiherr von, 1782-1834
Lützow, SMS
LVG D 10
Lynchburg, battle of, 17-18 June 1864
Lyncus Plain/ Erigon Valley, battle of, 358 BC
Lys, battle of the, 9-29 April 1918
Lysander, Westland
Lysander (d.395 BC)
Lysimachus (c.360-281 BC)