The Berlin-based Robert Tillmanns House is an educational facility offering a range of one-week seminars about the history of Berlin. One of them focuses on the city's military past, featuring the Prussian military, the fighting during the 1848 uprising, the Nazis, the Cold War and the Berlin Wall. The seminar includes many excursions to relevant sites like Hitler's bunker, locations of anti-Nazi resistance, Soviet military memorials, military museums, Berlin Wall relics and other sites of interest. The seminars can be held in English or German. Please send an e-mail to for further details


GET IN GET OUT AND GET AWAY - Memoirs of a National Serviceman


Tutto (In Italian). Covers a good range of Italian history from ancient Rome to the end of the Second World War.


Japanese Historical Text Initiative - A very impressive searchable and browseable collection of Japanese historical texts, presented with the Japanese text and English translations alongside each other. #

United Arab Emirates

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