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American Civil War: Introduction
American Civil War: The War of Amateurs
American Civil War: The Eastern Front: Washington and Richmond
American Civil War: The Shenandoah Valley
American Civil War: Invading the North
American Civil War: Clearing the Mississippi
American Civil War: Tennessee and Kentucky
American Civil War: Sherman's March through the Confederacy
American Civil War: The Blockade and the War at Sea
American Civil War: The West
American Civil War: Conclusion
American Civil War Timeline: 1861
American Civil War Timeline: 1862
American Civil War Timeline: 1863
American Civil War Timeline: 1864
American Civil War Timeline: 1865
American War of Independence (1775-1782)
Boxer Rebellion, 1900
Creek War, 1813-14, (U.S.A.)
First World War, 1914-1918
French and Indian War (1754-1763)
Gulf War (1991)
Jenkin's Ear, War of (1739-c.1743) (America)
King George's War (1744-18 October 1748) (America)
Mexican War (May 1846-February 1848)
Second World War (1939-1945)
Seven Years War (1754-1763)
Vietnam War 1954-1968
Vietnam War 1968-1975


Admiralty Islands, invasion of, 29 February-25 March 1944
Amistad Mutiny, 1839
Big Black River Campaign, 7-19 May 1863
Cartwheel, Operation. the Reduction of Rabaul (30 June 1943- January 1944)
Chattanooga and Chickamauga Campaign, 1863 (American Civil War)
Desert War (1940-1943)
Dexterity, Operation - New Britain Campaign, 16 December 1943-9 March 1944
Downfall, Operation (Planned invasion of Japan, 1945), Part One
Downfall, Operation (Planned invasion of Japan, 1945), Part Two
Downfall, Operation (Planned invasion of Japan, 1945), Part Three
Downfall, Operation (Planned invasion of Japan, 1945), Part Four
Elkton III Plan
Finisterre Range campaign (17 September 1943-24 April 1944)
Grierson's Raid, 17 April- 2 May 1863
Hundred Days, 18 July-11 November 1918
Huon Peninsula Campaign, 22 September 1943-24 April 1944
Kentucky, Confederate Invasion of, late 1862
Marianas Campaign - Operation Forager (14 June-10 August 1944)
New Britain Campaign (Operation Dexterity), 16 December 1943-9 March 1944
New Guinea campaign (January 1942-September 1945)
North African Campaign (1940-1943)
Overland Campaign against Richmond, 1864
Peninsular Campaign, 1862
Postern, Operation - The Markham Valley/ Huon Peninsula Campaign of 4 September 1943-24 April 1944
Reckless, Operation - Hollandia and Aitape, 22-27 April 1944
Red River Campaign
Salamaua-Lae Campaign (30 June-16 September 1943)
Tennessee, Hood's Invasion of, 1864


Fort Jackson, Treaty of, 9 August 1814 (U.S.A.)
Guadalupe Hidalgo, Treaty of, 2 February 1848