Country Index: China


Wars and Treaties

Boxer Rebellion, 1900
Burma, Japanese conquest of, December 1941-May 1942
Chu-Han Contention, 206-202 BC
Hong Canal, Treaty of the, 203 BC
Second World War (1939-1945)
Sino-Japanese War, First (1894-1895)


Chenggao, battle of, 204 BC
Chenggao, siege of, 204 BC
Ch'ents'ang, battle of, 206 BC
Dingtao/ Ting-t'ao, battle of, 208 BC
Fei-ch'iu, siege of, 206-205 BC
Gaixia, battle of, January 202 BC
Guling, battle of, November 203 BC
Haochih, battle of, 206 BC
Hsia-p’ei, battle of, 204 BC
Jingzing, battle of, 205 BC
Julu, battle of, 207 BC
Lantian, battle of, 207 BC
Linji/ Lin-chi, battle of, 208 BC
Lixia, late 204 BC
Pengcheng, battle of, 205 BC
Phung-Tao or Asan, battle of, 25 July 1894
Si River, battle of, 203 BC
Songhwan, battle of, 29 July 1894
Tsingtao, siege of, 18 September-6 November 1914
T'u-mu, battle of, 1449 (China)
Wei River, battle of, November 204 BC
Xingyang, siege of, 204 BC
Yalu River, naval battle of the, (17 September 1894)
Ying, battle of, 203 BC


Liu Bang (256-195 BC)
Peng Yue (d.196 BC)
Sun Tzu b.500 BC
Xiang Yu, 232-202 BC
Zhang Han, d.205 BC

Weapons, Armies & Units

Aichi AB-3 Experimental Single-Seat Reconnaissance Seaplane
Hai An
Li hua ch'iang (Fire-lance)
Chao Yung protected cruiser
Chen Yuan armoured turret ship 
Ching Ch'ing composite cruiser
Huan T'ai composite cruiser
Kai Che composite cruiser
Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems (MLRS)
Nan Ch'en ('Ornament of the South')
Nan Shui/ Nan Shuin/ Nan Jui ('Blessing of the South')
Shenyang JJ-5
Ting Yuen armoured turret ship
Tsi Yuen/ Chi Yuen protected cruiser
Yang Wei protected cruiser
Yu Yuen