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Isandlwana, How the Zulus Humbled the British Empire, Adrian Greaves. An excellent examination of this famous battle and the campaign that led up to it, written by someone with a detailed knowledge of the battlefield and surrounding areas. Uses a wide range of contemporary sources to paint an accurate picture of this battle and the Zulu achievements and the British mistakes that led to the great Zulu victory. [read full review]
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Lord Chelmsford and the Zulu War, Major the Hon. Gerard French, D.S.O. This is something of an historical oddity - a book published in 1939 vigorously (and rather unconvincingly) defending Lord Chelmsford's performance during the Zulu War, written by the son of Field Marshal French of BEF fame. Still has some value because of the detailed account of the war, although one always has to be aware of the author's bias. [read full review]
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The African Wars - Warriors and Soldiers of the Colonial Campaigns, Chris Peers. This is an invaluable examination of a number of the most successful African armies and societies of the nineteenth century, examining their organisation, weapons and success or failures against the Colonial powers, in particular Britain, Germany and the independent colony run by the king of Belgium. [read full review]
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Zulu [1963], starring Stanley Baker, Jack Hawkins , Michael Cain. Now a staggering 40 years old this is still an excellent film which is surprising historically accurate on the details of the battle and avoids depictingg the Zulus as just mindless savages
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Knight, Rorkes DriftRorke's Drift, 1879: Pinned Like Rats in a Hole, Ian Knight. (Osprey Military Campaign S.) A very detailed osprey book on this famous last stand. Packed full of photographs , illustrations both black and white and colour it is an easily accessable book which is easy and enjoyable reading and gives a real sense of drama without loosing acuracy. It is nearly 100 pages and covers a very detailed section on wargaming the battle. A good book to begin any serious study. [see more]
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