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Curtis Warhawk Aces of MTO, Carl Molesworth (Aircraft of the Aces 43). The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk was the main Allied frontline fighter for nearly a year in North Africa. As the war in desert reached its climax at El Alamein and with Operation Torch, American pilots arrived to join the RAF and commonwealth pilots with their Kittyhawks. [see more]
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Squadron Signal 026 Curtiss P-40 in action, Ernest R. McDowell. This is a good guide to the development of the P-40, a fighter than went through a more than usually complicated series of versions in US and British service. This book works through the main versions in US service, from the first development of the P-40 as an improved P-36 to its final production variants. [see more]
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P-40 Warhawk Aces of the CBI, Carl Molesworth. This volume in the Aircraft of the Aces series looks at the P-40 Warhawk in its most consistently successful theatre of the war – China, Burma and India. [see more]
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P-40 Warhawk Part 1 – Y1P-36 Through P-40C, Bert Kinzey. Once you get past the introduction (which rather unfairly compares the P-40 to aircraft produced several years later), this book turns into a well illustrated, detailed guide to the technical development and production run of the P-36 and P-40 fighters, complete with the dates at which the different variants of the aircraft were produced. [see more]
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