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P-38 Lighting Aces of the Pacific and CBI, John Stanaway (Aircraft of the Aces 14). The P-38 Lighting was the dominant USAAF fighter aircraft of the Pacific War, where despite its relatively small numbers was responsible for the destruction of over 1,800 Japanese aircraft. This book looks at the entire career of the P-38 in the war against Japan, from the well known campaigns over the islands of the south and south west Pacific to the fighting over the jungles of Burma and the very different campaigns in the Aleutians. [see more]
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P-38 Lightning Aces of the ETO/MTO, John Stanaway (Aircraft of the Aces 19). Despite being best known for its role in the Pacific, the P-38 played a significant but under-appreciated part in the fighting in North Africa in 1942, in Italy, and even with the 8th Air Force, where its long range made it the first USAAF fighter capable of escorting the bombers deep into Germany. This book helps to redress the balance, tracing the career of the P-38 in the Mediterranean and over northern Europe from its introduction early in 1942, through its heyday in 1943. [see more]
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