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Wade, Stephen, Air Raid Shelters of the Second World War, Family Stories of Survival in the Blitz
Wade, Stephen, Empire and Espionage, Spies in the Zulu War
Wadsworth, Michael, Arctic Convoy PQ8: The Story of Capt Robert Brundle and the SS Harmatris
Wahlman, Alec, Storming the City - U.S. Military Performance in Urban Warfare from World War II to Vietnam
Wakefield, Alan and Simon Moody, Under the Devil's Eye
Waller, Symeon Mark, Doncaster in the Great War
Walling, Michael G., Enduring Freedom Enduring Voices: US Operations in Afghanistan
Walling, Michael G., Forgotten Sacrifice - The Arctic Convoys of World War II
Walsh, Stephen, Stalingrad The Infernal Cauldron
Walter, Jakob, ed. Bob Carruthers, Into Battle with Napoleon 1812 - The Journal of Jakob Walter
Ward, Chris, 6 Group Bomber Command: An Operation Record
Ward, Chris with Greg Harrison and Grzegorz Korcz, 1 Group Bomber Command - An Operational Record
Ward, S.G.P., Wellington’s Headquarters – The Command & Administration of the British Army during the Peninsular War
Ware, Pat, Images of War: British Tanks of the Second World War
Ware, Pat & Brian Delf, Images of War Special: M4 Sherman
Warner, Philip, The Battle of Loos
Warner, Philip, A Cavalryman in the Crimea: The Letters of Temple Godman, 5th Dragoon Guards
Warner, Philip, Dervish: The Rise and Fall of an African Empire
Warner, Philip, The Battle for France: Six Weeks that changed the World
Warren, James A, Giap - The General who Defeated American in Vietnam
Waters, Conrad, Cruiser Birmingham - detailed in the original builder’s plans
Waterson, James, Defending Heaven - China's Mongol Wars 1209-1370
Waterson, James, The Ismaili Assassins – A History of Medieval Murder
Watt, Robert N., Apache Warrior 1860-86
Webster, Anthony, The Twilight of the East India Company - The Evolution of Anglo-Asian Commerce and Politics 1790-1860
Weeks, Colonel John, World War II Small Arms
Weigley, Russel F., A Great Civil War
Weldon, Anthony, Words of War - Speeches that Inspired Heroic Deeds
Weller, Jac, Wellington at Waterloo
Weller, Jac, Wellington in the Peninsula
Werner, Bret, Storming Monte La Difensa: The First Special Service Force at the Winter line, Italy 1943
Werrell, Kenneth P., Sabres Over Mig Alley
Wessels, Hannes, A Handful of Hard Men: The SAS and the Battle for Rhodesia
Westlake, Ray, Tracing the Rifle Volunteers
Westlake, Ray, The Territorials 1908-1914: A Guide for Military and Family Historians
Weston, Avalon, ed., Menus, Munitions & Keeping the Peace – The Home Front Diaries of Gabrielle West, 1914-1917
Whetstone, Michael, Madness in Mogadishu
Whitburn, Bill, Bright Eyes of Danger - An Account of the Anglo-Sikh Wars 1845-1849
Whitehead, Ian R., Doctors in the Great War
Whiting, Charles, The Great German Escape: Uprising of Hitler's Nazis in Britain's POW Camps
Whiting, Charles, Kommando, Hitler's Special Forces in the Second World War
Whiting, Charles, The Hunt for Martin Bormann - The Truth
Whitlock, Flint, If Chaos Reigns
Whitworth, Alan, VCs of the North - Cumbria, Durham and Northumberland
Wiest, Andrew, The Boys of '67: Charlie Company's War in Vietnam
Wiest, Andrew, Vietnam - A View from the Front Lines
Wiest, Andrew & Chris McNab, The Illustrated History of the Vietnam War
Wiest, ed. Andrew, Rolling Thunder in a Gentle Land
Wijers, Hans, Battle of the Bulge: Volume Three: The 3rd Fallschirmjäger Division in Action
Wilkinson, W.A., One Pilot's War - The Battle of Britain and Beyond
Wilks, John and Eileen Wilks, Rommel & Caporetto
Wilks, John and Eileen Wilks, The British Army in Italy, 1917-1918
Willet, Robert L., An Airline at War
Willett, Peter, Armoured Horsemen: With the Bays and Eight Army in North Africa and Italy
Williams, Eric, The Wooden Horse
Williams, Neville, A Conscript in Korea
Williamson, Gordon, German Special Forces of World War II
Williamson, Gordon, Knight's Cross with Diamonds Recipients
Williamson, Gordon, U-Boat Tactics in World War II
Williamson, Gordon, The SS: Hitler's Instrument of Terror
Willis, Sam, Fighting at Sea in the Eighteenth Century: The Art of Sailing Warfare
Wilson, Alastair, A Biographical Dictionary of the Twentieth Century Royal Navy: Volume 1 Admirals of the Fleet and Admirals
Wilson, Evan, A Social History of British Naval Officers 1775-1815
Wilson, James, Hitler's Alpine Headquarters
Windrow, Martin, French Foreign Legion 1872-1914
Windrow, Martin, French Foreign Legionnaire, 1890-1914
Winfield, Rif, British Warships in the Age of Sail 1603-1714: Design, Construction, Careers and Fates
Winfield, Rif, British Warship in the Age of Sail 1817-1863
Winfield, Rif & Stephen S. Roberts, French Warships in the Age of Sail 1786-1861
Winkler, John F., Wabash 1791, St Clair's defeat
Winkler, John F, Point Pleasant 1774 - Prelude to the American Revolution
Winkler, John F, Tippecanoe 1811 - The Prophet's battle
Winkler, John F., The Thames 1813 - The War of 1812 on the Northwest Frontier
Winterbottom, Derek, The Grand Old Duke of York - A Life of Frederick, Duke of York and Albany, 1763-1827
Wiper, Steve, Yamato Class Battleships
Wise, Terence, Mediaeval Heraldry
Wiseman, David, Helmand to the Himalayas - One Soldier's Inspiration Journey
Wittenberg, Eric J., 'The Devil's to Pay' John Buford at Gettysburg, a History and Walking Tour
Wittenberg, Eric, The Battle of Monroe's Crossroads and the Civil War's Final Campaign
Woodman, Richard, The Sea Warriors
Wotherspoon, Nick, Alan Clark & Mark Sheldon, Aircraft Wrecks The Walker's Guide - Historic Crash Sites on the Moors and Mountains of the British Islands
Wragg, David, The Fleet Air Arm Handbook 1939-45
Wragg, David, Commuter City: How the Railways Shaped London
Wragg, David, Fighter Operations in Europe and North Africa, 1939-1945
Wright, Col Darron L., Iraq Full Circle
WWII Lost Films
Wyn Griffith, Llewelyn, Up to Mametz and Beyond
Wynne, Captain G.C., Stopping Hitler - An Official Account of How Britain Planned to Defend itself in the Second World War