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Kahn, David, Seizing the Enigma - The Race to break the German U-Boat Codes, 1939-1943
Kaplan, Philip, Grey Wolves - The U-boat War 1939-1945
Kaplan, Philip, Images of War: The Few - Preparation for the Battle of Britain
Katcher, Philip, The American War 1812-1814
Kaufmann. J.E., H.W. Kaufmann, A. Jankovic-Potocnik and P. Lang, The Maginot Line: History and Guide
Kay, Alex J , Jeff Rutherford and David Stahel, ed.Nazi Policy on the Eastern Front, 1941: Total War, Genocide and Radicalization
Keaveney, Arthur, The Persian Invasions of Greece
Keegan, John. Intelligence in War: Knowledge of the Enemy from Napoleon to Al-Qaeda
Keegan, John, The First World War
Keegan, John and Wheatcroft, Andrew, Who's Who in Military History
Kekewich, Margaret, Retreat and Retribution in Afghanistan 1842 - Two Journals of the First Afghan War
Kelly's Heroes [1970]
Kempka, Erich, I was Hitler's Chauffeur
Kendall, Paul, Somme 1916 - Success and Failure on the First Day of the Battle of the Somme
Kent, Steward & Nick Nicholas, Agent Michael Trotobas and SOE in Northern France
Kenyon, David, Horsemen in No Man's Land: British Cavalry & Trench Warfare, 1914-1918
Kershaw, Ian, Fateful Choices
Kershaw, Tim, Jet Pioneers, Gloster and the Birth of the Jet Age
Kessel, Lipmann, Surgeon at Arms: Parachuting into Arnhem with the First Airborne
Khazanov, Dmitriy B., Air War over Kursk - Turning Point in the East
Killen, John, The Luftwaffe: A History
King, Martin, Michael Collins and Jason Nulton, To War with the 4th
Kinvig, Clifford, Churchill's Cruade, the British Invasion of Russia 1918-1920
Kinzey, Bert, P-40 Warhawk Part 1 Y1P-36 Through P-40C
Kirby, Jared, ed., Italian Rapier Combat: Capo Ferro's 'Gran Simalcro'
Kirchubel, Robert, Hitler's Panzer Armies on the Eastern Front
Kirchubel, Robert, Operation Barbarossa - The German Invasion of Soviet Russia
Kirsch, Peter, Fireship: The Terror Weapon of the Age of Sail
Kite, Ben, Stout Hearts: The British and Canadians in Normandy 1944
Koop, Gerhard and Klaus-Peter Schmolke, German Destroyers of World War II
Koop, Gerhard and Klaus-Peter Schmolke, German Light Cruisers of World War II
Koop, Gerhard and Klaus-Peter Schmolke, Battleships of the Scharnhorst Class
Koop, Gerhard and Klaus-Peter Schmolke, Heavy Cruisers of the Admiral Hipper Class
Knight, Ian, Maori Fortifications
Knight, Ian, Rorkes' Drift: Pinned Like Rats in a Hole
Kochan, James L. The United States Army 1812-1815
Konstam, Angus, The Spanish Armada: The Great Enterprise against England 1588
Konstam, Angus, Naval Miscellany
Konstam, Angus, Marlborough
Konstam, Angus, Blackbeard's Last Fight, Pirate Hunting in North Carolina 1718
Konstam, Angus, The British Sailor of the Second World War
Konstam, Angus, Commonwealth Cruisers 1939-45
Konstam, Angus, The Barbary Pirates 15th-17th Centuries
Konstam, Angus, Taranto 1940 - The Fleet Air Arm's precursor to Pearl Harbor
Konstam, Angus, River Plate 1939 - The sinking of the Graf Spee
Konstam, Angus, Nile River Gunboats 1882-1918
Konstasm, Angus, British Commando 1940-45
Kortenhaus, Werner, The Combat History of 21. Panzer Division
Koschorrek, Gunter K., Blood Red Snow: The Memoirs of a German Soldier on the Eastern Front,
Kramer, Ann, Land Girls & Their Impact
Kramer, Ann, Women Wartime Spies
Krizan, Jerry and Robert Dumont, Bac Si: A Green Beret Medic's War in Vietnam
Krott, Rob, Save the Last Bullet for Yourself: A Soldier of Fortune in the Balkans and Somalia
Krysov, Vasiliy, Panzer Destroyer - Memoirs of a Red Army Tank Commander
Kulin, Elvir with Maury Hirschkorn, In a Bosnian Trench, A Wartime Memoir of a Muslim Bosnian Soldier
Kurowski, Franz, Elite Panzer Strike Force: Germany's Lehr Division in World War II
Kush, Linda, The Rice Paddy Navy, US Sailors Undercover in China