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Haarr, Geirr H., The German Invasion of Norway, April 1940
Haarr, Geirr H., The Battle of Norway: April-June 1940
Haarr, Geirr H, No Room for Mistakes - British and Allied Submarine Warfare 1939-1940
Hadaway, Stuart, Missing, Believed Killed: Casualty Policy and the Missing Research and Enquiry Service 1939-1952
Hadley, Frederick & Martin Peglar, Posters of the Great War
Hafziger, George, Lutzen and Bautzen - Napoleon's Spring Campaign of 1813
Hall Spencer, John, Battle for Crete
Hamilton, A. Stephan, The Oder Front 1945 Vol 2: Documents, Reports and Personal Accounts
Hamilton, Hope, Sacrifice on the Steppe
Hammond, Bryn, El Alamein, The Battle that Turned the Tide of the Second World War
Harcerode, Peter, Fighting Brigadier: The Life of Brigadier James Hill DSO MC,
Hardee, William J. Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics
Harmsen, Peter, Nanjing 1937 - Battle for a Doomed City
Harrel, John S., The Nisibis War - The Defence of the Roman East AD 337-363
Hargreaves, Richard, Hitler's Final Fortress: Breslau 1945
Harmsen, Peter, Shanghai 1937 - Stalingrad on the Yangtze
Harriman, Bill, The Moslin-Nagant Rifle
Harrington, Peter, The Napoleonic Art of Keith Rocco
Harris, Sir Arthur, Bomber Offensive
Harrison, Susan, ed. Through all the Changing Scenes of Life
Hart, Peter, The 16th Durham Light Infantry in Italy, 1943-1945
Hart, Peter, Voices from the Front: The 2nd Norfolk Regiment, from Le Paradis to Kohima
Hart, Peter, Somme Success: The Royal Flying Corps and the Battle of the Somme 1916
Hart, Stephen A, Panther Medium Tank 1942-45
Hart, Stephen, German Weapons of World War II
Hartley, John, 6th Battalion the Manchester Regiment in the Great War
Hartmann, Bernd, Panzers in the Sand: The History of Panzer-Regiment 5, Volume One 1934-41
Hartmann, Bernd, Panzers in the Sand: The History of Panzer-Regiment 5, Volume 2 1942-45
Harwood, Brian, Fixer & Fighter - The Life of Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent, 1170-1243
Haskew, Michael E., Small Arms 1914-1945
Haskew, Michael E., Compared and Contrasted: Weapons of World War II,
Heyman, Charles, The Armed Forces of the European Union 2012-2013
Haythornthwaite, Philip, British Cavalryman, 1792-1815
Haythornthwaite, Philip, Corunna 1809
Haythornthwaite, Philip, Gallipoli 1915
Haythornthwaite, Philip, Napoleon's Commanders: Vol 1
Haythornthwaite, Philip, Napoleon's Commanders: Vol 2
Haythornthwaite, Philip, Borodino 1812, Napoleon's Great Gamble
Haythornthwaite, Philip, British Light Infantry & Rifle Tactics of the Napoleonic Wars
Heathcote, T. A., Wellington's Peninsular War Generals & Their Battles, A Biographical and Historical Dictionary
Heathcote, T. A., The British Field Marshals 1736-1997: A Biographical Dictionary
Hebblethwaite, Marion, One Step Further Vol. 1
Hebblethwaite, Marion, One Step Further Vol. 7
Hebblethwaite, Marion, One Step Further Vol. 9
Hebblethwaite, Marion, One Step Further Vols. 1-9
Henderson, James, Frigates, Sloops and Brigs
Hendrie, Andrew, The Cinderella Service: RAF Coastal Command 1939-1945
Hendrie, Andrew, Flying Catalinas, The Consolidated PBY Catalina in World War Two
Herbert, Lieutenant Colonel the Hon. Aubrey, ed. Edward Melotte, Mons, Anzac and Kut, by an MP
Herder, Brian Lane, US Navy Battleships 1886-98 – The pre-dreadnoughts and monitors that fought the Spanish-American War
Herris, Jack and Bob Pearson, Aircraft of World War I - 1914-1918
Hessler, James A., and Wayne E. Motts, Picket's Charge at Gettysburg
Hicks, Norman, Captured at Arnhem - From Railwayman to Paratrooper
Higgins, David R., M48 Patton vs Centurion - Indo-Pakistani War 1965
Hillsborough, Romulus, Samurai Revolution: The Dawn of Modern Japan seen Through the Eyes of the Shogun's Last Samurai
Hillsborough, Romulus, Samurai Assassins - 'Dark Murder' and the Meiji restoration, 1853-1868
Hilton, Larry J., Europe: Chained by History
Hindley, Geoffrey, Saladin - Hero of Islam
Hobbs, David, The British Pacific Fleet: The Royal Navy's Most Powerful Strike Force
Hobbs, David, British Aircraft Carriers - Design, Development and Service Histories
Hobbs, David, The Royal Navy's Air Service in the Great War
Hobbs, David, The Dawn of the Carrier Strike and the World of Lieutenant W P Lucy DSO RN
Hofschroer, Peter, Leipzig, 1813, The Battle of the Nations (Osprey Military Campaign)
Hofschröer, Peter, Prussian Napoleonic Tactics 1792-1815
Holbrook, Graham, The Shropshire Lads
Hollins, David, Austrian Infantry and Grenadiers: 1788-1816
Holmes, Richard & Young, Peter, The English Civil War
Holmes, Tony, F-14 Tomcat Units of Operation Enduring Freedom
Holmes, Tony, Hurricane Aces, 1939-40
Holmes, Tony, ed, Air Combat – Dogfights of World War II
Holstein, Christina, Battleground Verdun: Fort Vaux
Holstein, Christina, Verdun - The Left Bank
Hood, Stephen M., The Lost Papers of Confederate General John Bell Hood
Hopkins, Donald A., Robert E. Lee in War and Peace - The Photographic History of a Confederate and American Icon
Hopton, Richard, The Battle of Maida 1806, Fifteen Minutes of Glory
Hopton, Richard, A Reluctant Hero: The Life and Times of Robert Ryder VC
Horn, John, The Siege of Petersburg - The Battles for the Weldon Railroad, August 1864
Hoskins, Peter, In the Steps of the Black Prince - The Road to Poitiers, 1355-1356
Hoth, Hermann, Panzer Operations: Germany's Panzer Group 3 during the Invasion of Russia, 1941
Housego, Molly & Storey, Neil R., Women in the First World War
Howard, Dan, Bronze Age Military Equipment
Howard, Martin R., Walcheren 1809
Howard, Martin R., Death before Glory! The British Soldier in the West Indies in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 1793-1815
Howard, Michael, Liberation or Catastrophe: Reflections on the history of the Twentieth Century
Huelskamp, John William, Friends of the Wigwam - A Civil War Story
Huffstodt, James T., Lincoln's Bold Lion: The Life and Times of Brigadier General Martin Davis Hardin
Hughes, Ben, In Pursuit of the Essex - Heroism and Hubris on the High Seas in the War of 1812
Hughes, Ian, Stilicho, the Vandal who Saved Rome
Hughes, Ian, Patricians and Emperors - the Last Rulers of the Western Roman Empire
Hughes, R. Gerald, Peter Jackson and Len Scott (editors), Exploring Intelligence Archives
Hukee, Byron E, USAF and VNAF A-1 Skyraider Units of the Vietnam War
Hunt, Eric, The Light Dragoons, A Regimental History
Hunt, Jonathan, Unicorns - The History of the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry 1794-1899
Hunt, Jonathan, Hard Fighting - A History of the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry 1900-1946
Huntington, Tom, Searching for George Meade - The Forgotten Victor of Gettysburg
Hurst, Jack, Men of Fire: Grant, Forrest and the Campaign That Decided the Civil War
Hurst, Steve, Famous Faces of the Spanish Civil War
Hussey, John, Waterloo - The Campaign of 1815 Volume 2 - From Waterloo to the Restoration of Peace in Europe
Hutchings, Richard, Special Forces Pilot - A Flying Memoir of the Falklands War
Hutton, John, August 1914 - Surrender at St. Quentin
Hutton, John, ed, A Doctor on the Western Front - The Diaries of Henry Owens, 1914-1918
Hyde, Andrew P, The First Blitz
Hyden, Marc, Gaius Marius - The Rise and Fall of Rome’s Saviour
Hyland Jr., William G., Long Journey with Mr Jefferson - The Life of Dumas Malone