The Hunt for Martin Bormann - The Truth, Charles Whiting

The Hunt for Martin Bormann - The Truth, Charles Whiting

A look at the original publication date of 1973 might make one think that the book will be badly out of date, especially since DNA evidence was used to securely identify Bormann's body, but this is not the case. The book was published after Bormann's body had been found in Berlin, and actually concentrates on the many false leads that were followed over the years. We also get a good account of Bormann's rise to power and his influence within Nazi Germany.

Many of the false leads were surprisingly convincing, and with Bormann's body missing for so many years many conspiracy theories were able to flourish. Bormann was 'sighted' all over the world, with South America a particular favourite.

When originally researching the book the author took part in the search himself, interviewing many key eyewitnesses (almost all of whom have since died). One of the most interesting things about many of these interviews is that we now know the interviewees were inventing most of what they said. Credible eyewitnesses reported seeing Bormann, while one man claimed to have worked for him in the South American jungle!

This is a fascinating tale, mixing the Nazis, fantasists and cold war warriors, all of whom had a stake in either finding Bormann or proving that he had died in 1945. 

I: The Birth of a Legend
II: The Man in the Shadows
III: The Hunt Begins
IV: The CIA takes a hand
V: Enter 'The Spy of the Century'
VI: The Man from Stern

Author: Charles Whiting
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 222
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2010 reprint of 1973 original

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