Siege Weapons of the Far East: AD 612-1300 v. 1 , Stephen Turnbull

Siege Weapons of the Far East: AD 612-1300 v. 1, Stephen Turnbull

Osprey New Vanguard 43

This is a lovely illustrated book from the vanguard osprey series. Written by the Japanese expert Dr S Turnbull is covers a mostly neglected area of Far Eastern warfare. Its colour plates and diagrams are dramatic and impressive although their accuracy has come under some criticism in particular the illustration of Japanese using a crossbow. The main focus of this 47 page book is on China and Japan although the Mongols and Korea do get a brief mention. On a personal note I used this book to help design build two working traction trebuchets which proved very impressive. It is a brief book and I feel it and its companion volume could have been combined in a single longer book.

Siege Warfare in the Far East AD 612-1300
Crossbow Siege artillery
Catapult Siege Artillery
Incendiary devices
Gas Bombs

Author: Stephen Turnbull
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 2001 pages
Publisher: Osprey
Year: author

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