Images of War: Hitler's Tank Killer: Sturmgeschütz at War 1940-45, Hans Seidler

Images of War: Hitler's Tank Killer: Sturmgeschütz at War 1940-45, Hans Seidler

This entry in Pen & Sword's Images of War series focuses on the Sturmgeschütz, or StuG, the German motorised armoured assault gun that evolved into a potent anti-tank weapon.

The pictures cover the entire wartime career of the StuG, from its early appearances in France in 1940 to the final desperate defensive battles of 1945. The evolution of the StuG from the original short-barrelled assault gun to the long-gunned tank killer is also charted, as it the appearance of the StuG IV. There are also some good pictures of the StuG's half-track support vehicles, and of the crews of the assault guns, showing their distinctive uniforms (similar to the black Panzer uniform but in grey-green to make it less conspicuous).

Most of the captions are very informative, picking out key facts from the pictures, including sub-types of StuG and units. The pictures are of a generally high standard, with a good level of detail, and would be of use to the modeller. A good range of angles are shown for most models of StuG, and there is a section discussing the camouflage used on the StuG and how it changed during the war.

1 - From France to Russia 1940-1942
2 - Ost Front 1942-1943
3 - On the Defensive 1943-1944
4 - The Demise of the Sturmgeschütz 1944-1945

Camouflage and Zimme
Typical Assault Gun Unit November 1942
Standard StuG.III Varients
Sturmgeschütz Units in the Waffen-SS

Author: Hans Seidler
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 158
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Year: 2010

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