Casca: Johnny Reb, Tony Roberts

Casca: Johnny Reb, Tony Roberts

Barry Sadler's The Eternal Mercenary 26

This is the second volume in the Casca series to be written by Tony Roberts, and is the second of three related books in a trilogy within the series (apparently a first for this series). This book follows on from Halls of Montezuma, which saw Casca settle in Virginia and take part in the Mexican War.

Johnny Reb takes place in the early years of the American Civil War. Roberts had inherited a long back-story for Casca, which placed him on the Confederate side in the civil war, and so here our hero joins the Army of North Virginia, fighting in every major action from First Bull Run, through the Seven Days and Second Bull Run and up to Lee's first invasion of the North.

Once nice touch it is that although Casca is present at all of these major battles, he isn't always involved in the central part of the action, avoiding the tendency in similar books to have the hero play a critical part in every battle.

The military action is intertwined with a long running plot involved an ancient cult determined to destroy Casca. This gives the book its main villains, and also provides the cliffhanger that leads us into book 27.

This is an entertaining book, and keeps up the standard set in Halls of Montezuma.

Author: Tony Roberts
Edition: Paperback
Publisher: Americana Books
Year: 2007

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