One Step Further Vols. 1-9, Marion Hebblethwaite

One Step Further Vols. 1-97, Marion Hebblethwaite

Vols. 1-9: Books A to Z

This series of nine books tells the story of everyone who has been awarded the George Cross and the gallantry medals that preceded it, amongst them the Empire Gallantry Award. The series covers an amazing amount of ground, and a wide range of people and stories. The George Cross and its precursors have been awarded for reasons varying from rescue at sea, fortitude under torture as a prisoner of war and exceptional bravery while disarming bombs, amongst others.

These books are brilliantly illustrated, with hundreds of photographs (probably thousands in the complete set). In many cases there are illuminating interviews with the family of the medal winner, witness statements and extracts from the original awards.

These links allow you to buy the entire set in one go. It can be purchased directly from the George Cross Database website

We thoroughly recommend these book.

Author: Marion Hebblethwaite
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 160
Publisher: Chameleon HH Publishing
Website: George Cross Database
Year: 2007

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