The German Invasion of Norway, April 1940, Geirr H Haarr

The German Invasion of Norway, April 1940, Geirr H Haarr

This is a monumental study of the German invasion of Norway, focusing on the naval aspects of the campaign, although the size of the book also allows Haarr to include a detailed 125 page section on the build-up to war.

This is a relatively rare example of a work written in English by a Norwegian, and with a Norwegian focus. This makes a refreshing change from the majority of books on this topic, which tend to portray the campaign as a duel between the Germans and the Allies, with the Norwegian government only making occasional appearances.

Where possible Haarr writes from the point of view of the participants in the fighting, taking into account what they knew at the time. This is a very effective approach, which brings the reader into the heart of the action.

This is a hugely detailed piece of work, with 400 pages of closely packed text. It focuses on the build-up to war, the initial German landings and the fighting at sea. The two month long land campaign that ended with the Allied evacuation of Narvik is not covered.

This has to be the definitive history of the early stages of the German invasion of Norway and especially of the Naval campaign around Norway, a campaign that almost crippled the German surface fleet and prevented it from playing a major role in Operation Sealion, the planned German invasion of Britain later in 1940. A very impressive piece of work that comes highly recommended.

Wheels within Wheels
Storm Warning
The Dogs of War
The Oslofjord
In Harm's Way
Encounter in the Storm
No Room for Mistakes
A Tide in the Affairs of Men

The European Iron Ore Trade
The Royal Norwegian Navy, April 1940
British Ships Involved in Norway, April 1940
Ships in Narvik Harbour, 8 April 1940
The German Naval Invasion Forces

Author: Geirr H Haarr
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 474
Publisher: Seaforth Publishing
Year: 2009

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