Flyboys [2006]

Flyboys [2006]

A very under rated modern film which follows the adventures of the Lafayette Escadrille, American pilots who volunteered to fly for France in the First World War before the US entered the war. Set in 1916 it’s aerial combat scenes are impressive and benefit from modern special effects, a little too much at times and it can be hard to tell who is who.  

In some ways it is an old fashioned film and in style it is similar to such classics as Aces High. Some things that seem far fetched, such as the squadrons big cat mascot are actually true, and its cast does its best with a heavy script. The story ambles along which may turn off modern younger audiences but it has a decent back story.

Sadly although a character in the film, Eugene Bullard, one of the first black American pilots and a fascinating historical figure is hardly mentioned.  

Nothing special but a good addition to a war film collection

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