Spitfire: Flying Legend - 60th Anniversary 1936-96, John M. Dibbs

Spitfire: Flying Legend - 60th Anniversary 1936-96, John M. Dibbs

The heart of this book is its large collection of beautiful modern colour photos of surviving flyable Spitfires in the air. My personal favourite shows a Canadian built Spitfire flying over the Alps at dawn. This pictures cover the full range of Spitfire versions, from the famous Battle of Britain models with their elliptical wings and familiar cockpit to the later Griffon engined, clipped winged, bubble canopied aircraft.

These modern colour pictures are supported by a good selection of wartime archive pictures and a text that focuses on the memories of the men who flew the Spitfire, beginning with a series of quotes from the generation of pre-war pilots who transferred to the Spitfire from sedate biplane fighters and ending above Malaysia during the Emergency.

This is very good photographic guide to the Spitfire, with a well chosen text and supported by interesting information about the individual aircraft shown in the colour photos.

The Early Marks
Shuttleworth Spitfire
Far East Spitfire
The Mercurial Mk IX
Spitfire in Blue (Reconnaissance)
Griffon Spitfire
Packard Merlin Spitfire
Jungle Fighter (Malayan Emergency)

Author: John M. Dibbs
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 196
Publisher: Osprey
Year: 2000

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