Lobositz to Leuthen - Horace St. Paul and the Campaigns of the Austrian Army in the Seven Years War 1756-57, Neil Cogswell

Lobositz to Leuthen - Horace St. Paul and the Campaigns of the Austrian Army in the Seven Years War 1756-57, Neil Cogswell

Horace St. Paul was a Northumbrian gentleman who early in life was driven into exile after murdering someone in a duel. He joined the Austrian army, where he made his name, and later returned to Britain with a pardon, becoming a successful diplomat. While he was serving he kept a very serious diary, which covered some of the early battles of the war, as well as Frederick the Great's attempt to besiege Prague.

St Paul's diaries were meant at the time as a series study of the military art, so they are useful rather than readably engaging, interrupted by orders of battle, extracts from other people's writings or other added documents. The editor had added more to give a Prussian perspective. The original diary had two columns - the left for the actual diary, the right for statistics or other notes. Both are reproduced here, although with the right-hand column as footnotes or separate chapters.

One of the most interesting features of this book is the contrast between the armies of this period and those of the Revolutionary Wars, only 35 years in the future. The armies St Paul saw seem slower, more ponderous, less professional and less well organised than their successors, and helps one understand why the armies of Revolutionary French were able to hold their own, and then overcome the outdated professionals opposing them.

The nature of the diary means that this isn't always the most readable or coherent book, although sizable sections are both. Those that aren't are still a very useful source for the period, especially as St. Paul was often in the presence of the Austrian commanders, so was reporting the command decisions as they happened, as well as their results. The result is a valuable picture of the nature of warfare in this pivotal conflict.

Part 1: 1756
1 - The Campaign of Field Marshal Browne up to 1 October 1756
2 - The Battle of Lobositz, 1 October 1756, and the events which preceded it
3 - The Enterprise of Stuppen and the Conclusion of the Campaign
4 - Papers relating to the Capitulation of the Saxon Army
5 - The Campaign of Prince Piccolomini
6 - Status of the Number and Position of all the Troops of His Prussian Majesty at the End of the Year 1756
7 - Quarters of Cantonment for the Austrian Army Winter 1756-1757
8 - Disposition of the Prussian Army Winter 1756-1757
9 - Estimate of the Cost of Purchasing a Company of Cavalry in the Imperial and Royal Austrian Service

Part II: 1757
10 - With the Volunteers
11 - The Austrian and Prussian Armies in Bohemia, Silesia, Lusatia and Saxony
12 - Opening of the Campaign
13 - The Affair at Reichenberg, 21 Aprul 1757
14 - Concentration of the Austrian Army
15 - 6 May: the battle of Malleschitz
16 - Prussian Account of the Battle outside Prague
17 - A Siege Appears Likely
18 - Memoranda of General von Hallot
19 - Project for an Attack on the Ziscaberg
20 - The Defence of the New Town of Prague
21 - Slow Progress of the Works
22 - Project for a General Sortie before the King of Prussia begins the Blockade and Bombardment of Prague
23 - A Sortie from the Little Side
24 - Instructions from the Empress
25 - Extraordinary Circumstances
26 - Bombardment
27 - Anticipation
28 - Relief
29 - Journal of the Army of Marshal Daun 11-19 June 1757
30 - Three Austrian Accounts of the Battle of Krzeczor
31 - A Prussian perspective of The Battle of Kolin, 18 June 1757
32 - Gabel and Zittau
34 - Contending with the King
35 - The Advance on Gorlitz
36 - The Jakelsburg
37 - The Road to Silesia
38 - The Cannonade at Liegnitz
39 - To the Banks of the Oder
40 - With the Main Army outside Breslau
41 - The Raid by General Hadik on Berlin
42 - Awaiting Developments
43 - The Siege of Schweidnitz
44 - The Battle of Breslau
45 - With the Duke of Bevern
46 - The Affair near Lissa
47 - With the King of Prussia
48 - The Siege and Capitulation of Breslau
49 - Winter Quarters

Author: Horace St. Paul
Translator and Editor: Neil Cogswell
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 708
Publisher: Helion
Year: 2017

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