World War II Jungle Warfare Tactics, Stephen Bull

World War II Jungle Warfare Tactics, Stephen Bull

Osprey Elite

The subject of jungle warfare tactics has fascinated many people and contains many myths, about various glamorous units and conflicts. This book tries to cover a large subject in 64 pages, a mammoth task but one which it does remarkably well. As usual for Osprey it is well laid out and filled with contemporary photos and colour illustrations with the centre plates covering various tactics being particularly good (although the detailed text that goes with them is at the back of the book which is standard for ospreys but somewhat annoying in this case and leads to a lot of flicking back and forth).

The content is clear and very interesting de-bunking various myths such as Japanese superiority in jungle warfare but without throwing the baby out with the bath water and does highlight some of the Japanese strengths in this area. What is interesting is how the Allied forces quickly adapted both tactics and kit another good section although brief is on infantry-tank cooperative tactics

The book is constrained by its limited size. I would have like to see more detail on certain areas such as the Pacific islands and Chinese operations but it is an excellent introduction to the subject.

Allied failure, 1941-42
Japanese Success, 1941-42
Allied Reaction, 1942-43
Long range penetration, 1943-44
FM 72-20: US tactics, 1944
To the last man, 1944-45
Plate commentaries

Author: Stephen Bull
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 64
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Year: 2007

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