Stalingrad 1942, Peter Antill

Stalingrad 1942, Peter Antill


One of the most monumental and widely discussed battles in the history of World War II, Stalingrad was a major defeat for Germany on the Eastern Front, and acted as a catalyst for the Third Reich’s eventual downfall. The book provides a detailed breakdown of the armies on both sides and discusses the merits of the commanders and the ways in which these influenced the battle.

It questions why the Germans allowed themselves to be diverted from their main objective and concentrate such large resources on what was, initially anyway, a secondary target. The bird's-eye view illustrations and maps that feature in this book help to unravel the detail of unit directions, priorities and deployments, and the tactical failures that led to the day-by-day war of attrition that lasted for nearly five months. Such combat led to both sides being mesmerized by the events in the city that bore Stalin’s name, but it was the Soviet’s who realised what was happening first and took advantage of it..

Author: Peter Antill
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 96
Publisher: Osprey
Year: 2007

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