De Havilland Mosquito Mk XX-29 (Canada)

Over a thousand Mosquitoes were produced by de Havilland’s Canadian subsidiary. The first of these was the B Mk VII, of which twenty five were produced. After that another seven Mosquito marks were produced in Canada, all variants on standard versions of the aircraft.

There is some confusion over the number of Mosquitoes produced in Canada. Official records suggest 1133 were flown. However, adding up all of the separate production figures for the different types produces a figure of 1065. A large number of FB Mk 26s were cancelled, but some of the aircraft officially cancelled then appear to have been completed anyway, which may explain some of the difference.


The B Mk XX was a version of the B Mk IV using Canadian and American equipment. 245 were built, 80 powered by the Packard Merlin 31, the remaining 165 by the Packard Merlin 33, both providing 1,460 hp. After the Mk XX it was decided to use Arabic numerals for Mosquito marks.

FB Mk 21

The FB Mk 21 was based on the FB Mk VI, but powered by the Packard Merlin 31. After three had been completed, production switched to the FB Mk 26.

T Mk 22

The T Mk 22 was a trainer aircraft based on the FB Mk VI, but powered by the American Packard Merlin 33. Six T Mk 22s were built. The T Mk 22 was then used as the basis of the T Mk 27.

B Mk 25

The B Mk 25 was similar to the B Mk XX, but powered by the 1,620hp Packard Merlin 225. It could carry a 4,000lb bomb load, although only a small number were converted to carry the 4,000lb “cookie”. 400 were built, of which 343 went to Britain. 70 of those aircraft were later given to the Royal Navy.

FB Mk 26

The FB Mk 26 was the second most numerous Canadian built Mosquito, with 300 completed as fighter bombers and thirty seven as T Mk 29 trainers. Like the FB Mk 21 it was a version of the FB Mk VI but using Packard Merlin engines.

T Mk 27

The T Mk 27 was a second Canadian produced trainer aircraft, based on the earlier T Mk 22. Forty nine T Mk 27s were built.

T Mk 29

The Mosquito T Mk 29 was produced by the conversion of thirty seven FB Mk 26s into trainers.

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