Junkers Ju 88T

The Ju 88T was a reconnaissance version of the high speed Ju 88S. It was produced in two variants, each based on the equivalent aircraft in the S-series.


The T-1 was based on the S-1. It carried two or three cameras, with the exact combination depending on the mission. Camera installation was the same as in the Ju 88D-1. The T-1 could carry extra fuel or a GM-1 boost system in the internal bomb bays and retained the capacity to carry extra drop tanks. It carried a crew of three – pilot, radio operation/ gunner and engineer/ camera operator.


The T-3 was the PR version of the S-3. It had a top speed of 410mph with emergency boost. It was due to enter mass production late in 1944 when the emergency fighter program ended virtually all other aircraft production. A small number of T-3s were completed before this.

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