Junkers Ju 88B

The Ju 88B featured an alternative design for the cockpit of the Ju 88. This give the aircraft a single “bullet” shaped bubble canopy that reached all the way around the nose, over the pilot’s position and met the rear fuselage behind the dorsal gunner’s position. The lower canopy was bulged downwards, giving the fuselage something of the appearance of a tadpole, in order to provide a place for a rear-firing ventral gun.

The design was first rejected in 1936, but limited development work was authorised late in 1939, and went in throughout 1940. Three prototypes of the new design were constructed. The V-23, a bomber prototype first flew in July 1940. Two months later it was joined by a reconnaissance prototype, the V-24 and in October by the V-27, a Zerstörer prototype. 


Junkers Ju 88B
Junkers Ju 88B

The new nose did not produce enough of an improvement in performance to justify delaying production of the A series. The ten pre-production B-0s could reach a top speed of around 311mph, compared to 295mph for the A-4, which had a slightly less powerful engine than the BMW radials used for the B-series. The B series did not enter production, but it did later become the basis of the Ju 188, which entered production after the more advanced Ju 288 project failed.

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